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Eight Reasons Why Clients Hire Financial Foundation Group

Our Approach to Planning

In his book, The Prosperous Retirement, Micheal Stein wrote, “I have come to the conclusion that more retirements will fail for non-financial reasons than for financial reasons. Many people entering retirement have found that life without work is simply not enough.”

FFG’s motto is, “Simplifying your financial life so you can focus on what’s most important in your everyday life.” Most financial planning today focuses on the hard numbers of retirement; Cash flow, investment returns, and not outliving one’s money. These are all important points. However, this level of analysis often falls short. FFG has the training and tools to inspire you to go beyond the numbers, defining and living the life you really want.

A balanced retirement evaluation should challenge you by including your:

  • Goals - What do you want to accomplish?
  • Motivations - How will you spend your time?
  • Values - What legacy do you want to leave?

Our Relationships

Financial Advising is 50% about Finance, the technical end of this business. The other 50% is about Advising, and that takes real communication and relationship skills. We develop strong relationships with both you and your family. The advisors here at FFG personally educate you as much as you need in order to help you understand and manage your finances. We need to know who you are, both personally and financially, in order to help you reach your ultimate financial goals and feel comfortable and confident with the route you are taking. FFG works hard to create an open environment by offering weekly emails and educational events, as well as fun and entertaining client appreciation events.

Our Professionalism

The selection of a financial advisor may be the most important decision in your retirement planning journey. Your planner should be able to play a central role in helping you meet your life goals and achieve financial well-being. Financial planning is a broad ranging activity that focuses specifically in the areas of Retirement, Insurance, Investment, Taxes and Estate Strategies. One or more of these activities may take precedence at any point in time. We can address all of these areas, and if necessary, connect you with the appropriate professional as each need arises.

Some questions to ask when choosing a planner include:

  1. What experience do you have?
  2. What are your qualifications?
  3. What services do you offer?
  4. What is your approach to financial planning?
  5. Will you be the only person working with me?
  6. Have you ever been publicly disciplined for any unlawful or unethical action?
  7. Can I have it in writing?

Our Synergy

When you hire FFG, you become part of our team. We facilitate communication between couples, helping each partner get on the same page. Ken, Melissa and Belinda act as an objective third party to help you have “the tough conversations,” focusing on coaching you towards your goals. At Financial Foundation Group, we go beyond the numbers, helping you align your financial plan with your goals and life style.

Our Experience

The FFG team has helped clients manage their wealth through some of the most volatile markets in recent history. And yet our team is young enough to serve and help you create a plan to pass your wealth to whom you want, when you want and how you want, with the goal of managing taxes and maintaining control.

Financial Foundation Group helps you gain the confidence of knowing you have a financial plan that is both comfortable and in line with your goals and objectives. Whether conservative, aggressive, or in between, your financial plan is developed specifically for you from our research and insight into the investment, insurance, and legal professionals that we are affiliated with.

Our Consistency

As part of the FFG family, you receive the advantage of having the other FFG partner’s input and experience working on your behalf for any complex situations which may arise. You gain professional ideas from all FFG partners. In addition, should anything ever happen to a member of the FFG team, another associate will service your accounts, creating a seamless succession plan. You continue working with the rest of the FFG team members who are attuned to your goals and investment philosophy.

Our Clientele

FFG focuses on Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers who realize it’s time to take their financial plan seriously. Our clients generally have a higher household income and/or net worth and realize their current financial plan could use some work, typically in the areas of taxation, market volatility, retirement income planning, insurance, and legacy planning.

As Gen X-er’s who grew up with Boomer parents, or Boomers ourselves, we share the same concerns regarding unstable institutions, deceptive markets, and the uncertainty of our future health care system. We help clients attain financial control using technology, and consistently communicate and connect with you in a timely manner in order to be as accessible as possible. Our goal is to help you maintain focus by addressing your long-term financial goals, regardless of any short term market fluctuations or major market corrections.

Our Focus On You

Everything we do at FFG is designed to help you address your financial and lifestyle goals and objectives.

We understand the potentially difficult process of budgeting, managing cash flow and investing appropriately. Having more money than needed is sometimes not conducive to a disciplined and consistent savings pattern. Our goal for you is to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment possible with your family, have a comfortable balance between your work and personal life, all while adhering to a suitable plan with viable financial and investment recommendations.

For example, oftentimes tax planning strategies and tax managed investments can help keep your tax bracket at an acceptable level. We strive to utilize strategies which can help you to manage assets and taxes. There are many tax-managed investments, some of which you may not be aware of, which can help.

Insurance strategies can provide family protection, and seamless wealth transfer to the next generation(s). Our goal is for your financial plan to not only serve you properly, but also be easily transferred to your beneficiaries without the headaches of probate or unnecessarily high taxes.

If you require a team of professional advisors who will coach you through the ever-increasingly complex world of finance, we look forward to serving as your financial advocates.