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Our Mission

We help simplify your financial plans so you can focus on what’s most important in your everyday life.

For clients who realize it’s time to get serious, we help you prepare for your future. You know you’re progressing towards your financial goals with an experienced professional by your side.

We primarily work with both Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers who:

  • Have household income of $125,000+ per year and/or an investable net worth of $250,000+.
  • Realize their current financial plan (or lack thereof) needs some work.
  • Want a professional advisor to coach them through the complexities of their financial world.
  • Need help managing their assets to address volatility and taxation.
  • Would like assistance with retirement income planning, family planning and insurance protection.

Financial Foundation Group helps you gain the confidence of knowing you have a financial plan that is both comfortable and in line with your goals and objectives. Whether conservative, aggressive, or in between, your personalized financial plan is developed specifically for you from our research and insight into the thousands of investment, insurance, and legal firms we have access to.

Most clientele are down to earth people who don’t spend more than they make and know the importance of saving. However you may not know if you are on track or have much of an idea if your current financial plans are good enough.

We are committed to helping you prepare for your financial future. Our goal is to help you take control of your finances.

At FFG, we don’t do short term transactions; we build long term relationships. Communication is a cornerstone to our practice. You are involved at each step along the way, and are never made to feel “in the dark.” Our philosophy is that no matter what kind of relationship we are involved in, communication is key.

Our goal is to get to know you, both financially and personally. The more we know about each other the better the communication between us. We offer weekly emails, educational workshops, and entertaining and fun client appreciation events at least twice a year.

Often there is too much uncertainty or financial “loose ends” that need to be taken care of. We take great pride in making positive changes in our clients’ lives, and look forward to meeting you.