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What You Can Expect


As Part Of Our Ongoing Service & Educational Commitment, Each Client Is Offered The Following:

New Client Welcome Kit

Helps organize your financial documents such as Identification, Wills, Medical, Passwords, and all investments and insurance.

Annual/Semi-Annual Review Meeting

In person review of investment accounts, comparison of performance, and suitability analysis.

Written Action Checklist With Updates

A step-by-step list of uncomplicated actions required to implement your plan and make necessary course-corrections to stay focused on making progress towards your goals.

Annual Estate Plan Review

Review with the objective of establishing a plan for your money to last for multiple generations as well as create a structure that brings your heirs closer together after you’re gone. Any resulting legal work is billed separately by a qualified Attorney.

Annual Asset Protection Review

Identifies major threats to your financial plan and reviews alternatives and cost/benefit analysis.

Weekly Electronic Newsletter

Contains market commentary, economic and company news, and educational articles.

Quarterly Email & Phone Call Updates

To review changes in your goals and provide ongoing market updates.

Cash & Debt Management Assistance

Establishment & Maintenance of adequate cash reserves. May involve major purchase assistance.

Liaison To Your Other Professional Advisors

We coordinate all your financial affairs to help ensure everyone (Accountant, Attorney, Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Banker) is moving in the right direction…your direction.

Invitation To Client Group Educational Meetings

Informative and fun, these meetings provide opportunity to discuss issues of importance in a group setting.

Invitation To Client Appreciation Events

One of the ways we say “Thank you.” Provides an opportunity to get together in a pleasant, relaxing environment and just have fun.

Call Back Policy

Client service calls are usually returned within 24 hours. Emergency calls are returned ASAP.